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I am

Follow this page, on the road to discover more about me

SOFT skills

  1. Problem solver & Decision Maker.

  2. Active listener with open-mind.

  3. Pixel-perfect & detail-oriented perceptive.

  4. Team worker with Interpersonal & Communication abilities.

  5. Organized, applies accepted methods to collaborate best. 

  6. An autodidact with continuing learning skills.

  7. Curious (very!) by nature and up-to-date.

Brainstorming for me is a magical collaboration.


HARD skills

  1. UX Expert, Researcher, and Data collecter.

  2. User's advocate, an expert in user empathy.

  3. Design thinker with a product-oriented approach.

  4. UI Designer with interaction & animation trends.

  5. Visual communication ability.

  6. Wireframing, Prototyping & User flows - professional skills in the making process.

  7. Technical proficiency, with a wide collection of updated tools, for new & better features, and to improve the work process.

Soft Skills
What makes me tick

What  makes  me

In all aspects of my everyday life, I solve problems.
I follow my instincts and use empathy ability, to simulate, connect and understand people's feelings better.

So fascinated by the complexity of the human mind, my passion is understanding thought patterns. Delving into the user's problem, exploring it from every angle, and providing a winning solution, makes me feel full and completely satisfied. And... Also hungry for the next challenge.


Curious by nature, I'm always trying to grow and learn new tricks to stay up-to-date.
As an end-to-end designer, I developed many skills and possess a wide range of abilities that combine innovative art and design principles.


I love to collaborate and teamwork with other people. In-depth research solutions and brainstorming, are other perspectives that feeds my curious mind.
For the same reason, I also consider myself an autodidact and I have self-study skills. It is a fundamental aspect that defines who I am

My Path

I evolved most of my years in the advertising field, worked my way up in a digital advertising agency as a senior designer, focusing on the online/digital world. After graduating from "Netcraft Academy", I also started to solve user experience problems, created wireframes and designed web and app interfaces with the team for the agency clients.

In my last two freelance projects, I was a product designer, in charge of the full UX/UI process. I built the client's conceptual product, from the user experience flow to the complete and designed product.


I master Adobe's holy trinity - Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

Since 2019 I changed to a new path, specializing in UIUX and as a result, the tools changed.
Today I have full control of XD and Sketch. Experiencing all programs and solutions the market has to offer.
I have a list of things I'm very curious to try, the market is full of them. I'm going after improvement in the process and new features that make projects WOW.

Currently, I'm using lots of online tools and plugins, converters, animations, no-code, etc...I've collected.

As a researcher and an up-to-date UIUXer, I made sure to join the paths with the most updated content on the market, news, groups, forums... and to follow big experts in my field.
Still, research is required once in a while to stay on top, just like want.

The combination of my expert design knowledge and software expertise, allows me to play a crucial implementation role in the user experience and the design team.



When UX doesn’t consider ALL users,
shouldn’t it be known as SOME User Experience
or… SUX?"

Billy Gregory

Thanks for taking the time

to read and learn a bit more about me

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