Tribe Hub

Full Family organization in closed circle


Tribe Hub is my final project as part of UX/UI Design studies. 2019.

Tribe Hub coordinates the life routine of several people in one place where there is communication and access for everyone.

Tribe Hub sees the entire tribe at a glance, calculating their steps for the next event with the aim of not missing any plan.

Tribe Hub adopts the method that all tribe members collaborate and thus the tribe functions effectively.




One person runs a complex life routine. The routine mostly includes work, family, studies, after-school classes, social life, etc. and there are even events and tasks that are not in the regular routine.
For organization, life is usually run by calendar, apps, reminders, alerts so you don't forget anything important.


But what happens if you have to care for the routine of more than one person, like children and other family members?


I conducted interviews among several people that I consider apart of my target audience, large families, and a family of 2, I found that there is not one app that caters to everyone, therefore organization is done through several different applications:


Google Calendar

A calendar where users can open events and invite other people, even for a weekly routine like an after-school class. This app is a bit formal.

What is missing:

  • Shared reminders – it is not possible to add more people to a created calendar reminder. Example: There is a package in the mail that needs to be collected and it is close to Yoav's work.

  • Correspondence - it is not possible to chat under an event from the calendar. Example: on Monday we're going to visit Grandma and I sent the event to the calendar of all family members. The child has a test the next day and he prefers to postpone the visit until after the test. Now you have to try to schedule a different date that suits everyone.

  • assigned tasks - cannot be forwarded directly from the calendar. Example: My calendar has an event for a class for the kid that repeats every Wednesday. This Wednesday I will not be able to take him and I will have to ask family members to replace me. At this point I would probably ask in a disorganized way in a Whatsapp group chat.



Family communication group. Every family has a group in Whatsapp, where you can write messages, share files, photos, voice messages, location, etc.

What is missing:

  • Tracking - A task I wrote in a group cannot be tracked; messages are lost within the conversation. Example: This Wednesday, I will not be able to take my kid to the after-school class and so I ask someone to replace me. The oldest kid has confirmed he will do it, but it is impossible to track whether the task is being carried out.

  • Orientation - Text messages are organized only by timeline and are difficult to find. Example: I wrote to family members that on Saturday I am organizing lunch. I will have to look for confirmations that are scattered within the group chat.

  • Reminders - No reminders for events or tasks set in the group chat. Example: Saturday is approaching and also a lunch I am organizing for the family. Whatsapp will not remember the event so I will have to verify by sending a message in the group chat.

  • Organization - I would love to have an option to click on one of the group members, and get another option that gives only the messages from that member in the group chat. Sometimes I look for something that one of the group members wrote and searching for keywords doesn't always help and then one just has to scroll and scroll.


Google Family Link

An app that oversees the kids. Hours spent on the phone, blocking apps, or tracking location.

An app that works well for what it does. To use it you have to create a Google Account for your child.


Apps for shared lists

There are many of them and all of them are used for one person and not a group

The result is that none of them can cater to all needs. Each of the apps depends on other apps to complete tasks. For a family group, there is almost no flow that starts and ends with the same app.


Head of Tribe - Group Managers (Parent/Parents)

Full permissions

The tribe calendar synchronizes with the tribe leader's personal external calendar (for example Google Calendar) in which he or she can see all of their appointments, along with the behavior of the children that logs into it.

The head of the tribe has to approve tasks that require them, such as taking the child to kindergarten, to an after school class, or to the doctor… for the parent who approves, the task will enter his tribe calendar and the task will receive a status that it is "in progress."

Parents can take care of the task themselves or pass it on to older children with permissions, such as taking the little brother out of kindergarten. If the older child does not approve of the task, it will remain open and at risk for the attention of the parent. If approved, the task will start alerting the child and parent as the deadline approaches.

The tribe children

Permissions according to age group

Older children who have their own phone have more permissions. They could put in requests for parents, get assignments from parents, upload a school certificate that requires parents' signature, add groceries to the shopping list, etc.

Children have a vested interest in fulfilling the tasks that parents send them, meeting them and helping the family unit. The more they help, the more they earn in exchange for pocket money and "my time" (screen time, time with the family car, etc.), which they see accumulate weekly in the dashboard according to the tribe's cooperation.




The circle is run by the tribe leader who opens the group Family members coordinate all events, chores, and requests for family functioning in one app.

Assignments are divided between parents and children, depending on their age and abilities. The more children cooperate, the more they are rewarded accordingly.


The app is notification-based and based on all members of the tribe, the app runs as a calendar, personal secretary, and security system.

Permissions are defined by ages that the tribe leader can define as he or she sees fit.


The app encourages family synergy, where each member of the family has the option of taking a big or small part in the collaboration. In addition, it encourages children for mutual and family respect, independence, and taking responsibility for the unity of the tribe.


Everyone has permissions, obligations, and rights according to their age, and the app caters to and provides a solution for each family member.



  • Morning alerts for the tribe leader about unassigned open tasks. The tribe chief can take them upon himself or pass them on to one of the tribe's children according to their age.

  • Alerts on personal calendar plans that conflict with the tribe calendar.

  • Warning alerts to the tribe leader when a plan is about to "go wrong" with one of the tribe members.

  • Alerts that are received by location, Wi-Fi connection, or disconnection.


The map is an online updated zone and open to every tribe member.

  • Location of the tribe's children on a map at any given time

  • Calculate data that everyone is in the right location according to routine and calendar

  • Calculate a route to the next plan in the calendar and alert when it's time to go to the next destination



Tribe Bonfire Circle - open zone where every tribe member can act.

Tribe's Lists
Upload files by shared folders - documents, photos, grocery shopping list, mail packages

Group or personal chat between family members (just like Whatsapp)

Tribe dashboard

Next Week Counter
Online personal data on rewards (pocket money, TV screen time, etc.)


Cooperation Statistic
Online data of each member of the tribe regarding collaboration and app usage

Personal Data
Online personal data and age permissions

My Time Settings
Data from the tribe chief's restrictions against the child's requests for matching expectations and communication between parents and children

"My time"

A common screen for the tribe, through which you can take up a slot by day and time, for favorite home activities like TV time, phone, Sony Playstation time, car, etc. Children log in the hours they have accumulated during the week, thanks to their cooperation with the parents, thus creating a detailed timetable that is open to everyone with less parental intervention.

Sync with external apps

Google Calendar

synchronization with an external personal calendar


Getting to the next destination with the help of a taxi


synchronization with an external social events


Car owners have a connection to the tribe calendar and locations on the family map. calculates an automatic route based on the next destination in the calendar


synchronization with apps and devices talking to each other based on triggers


Calculate the route to the next destination with the help of public transport

Israel Post

uploading everyone's package tracking numbers in one place, one member can pick up all of them

Parent flow

Sharon (38), a restaurant manager, lives in Herzliya,

Married to Yoav + three children

Monday morning, Sharon and Yoav received morning alerts on open (at-risk) tasks. Sharon took it upon herself to collect the little one from the kindergarten at 16:30 on her way home from work.

At noon, Sharon received a calendar alert to confirm an urgent meeting at 16:15.

She also received an alert from TribeHub, about two plans that are conflicting at the same time.

Sharon opened TribeHub:


Passed on the task to the two older kids who could pick up the little one from kindergarten


She was alerted that Uri had taken the task


As the time approaches, Sharon is alerted that the task may be at risk


Sharon opens the app to find Uri's location and already sees that there is a risk alert


Sharon clicks Uri's icon on the map and sees Uri with his friend Daniel. If Uri doesn't leave in the next five minutes, the task will not be performed according to the app's calculation


Passed on the task to the two older kids who could pick up the little one from kindergarten

Child flow

Uri (17), the eldest son, a high schooler, lives in Herzliya, Son of Sharon and Yoav, brother of Yael and Emma

Wednesday 12:00, Uri is in high school lunch break with his friend Daniel.

Uri wants to invite Daniel today to play Sony PlayStation with him.

To do this, Uri enters TribeHub:


Get into his treasure throw his personal profile


Checks how much reward is left in his treasure and decides to take advantage of a whole bag of coins (an hour)


Filling in game time starting at 17:00


Sharon opens the app to find Uri's location and already sees that there is a risk alert


Makes sure it is logged into his profile

Now the slot has been booked in advance and Uri knows that noneof the family members can disturb.


See you... :)

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