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Hall of Movies, TV Shows and Music



An app project as part of the UX course. This project focuses on the value that the application can provide to users and is based on my own personal pain.

Hit Halls is my idea, for a personal assistant for the user, in his personal entertainment world.
Hits updates and Offers for new entertainment, come up every time, according to the user's personal taste from his favorite content. The user is the first to be updated and also immune to spoilers. In fact... With great power comes great responsibility, so hold your spoilers.

Hit Halls is one app, which is divided into three content halls:

Movie Hall | TV Show hall | Music hall
Hit Halls centers the entire personal world of entertainment, by gathering the user media world from external accounts and organizing them conveniently into those halls.

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The Problem
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Who doesn’t enjoy the entertainment world? A new movie at the theaters, TV shows, a concert, or a new album of our favorite band…

The world of entertainment is vast, full of content, updates fast in different means and with high availability... We are from the other side, so selective, and specific, with a unique personal taste that is different from others.

Everything is updated at a rapid pace and it's very difficult to keep track of the latest releases, especially if you have to filter everything into a small part of your own favorite things.
Sometimes it's tedious to constantly pursue this information, other times you just don't have time to look for new things and stay up-to-date…

The Solution



I gathered the information from the research, mapped it all and decided to build Hit Halls as a solution to the problems I ran into.

To start, I divided it into 3 content worlds which I call "Halls": Movies hall, TV Shows hall, and Music hall (maybe an option for new halls in the future). Each of the different halls can be opened/closed and can easily navigate between them.

Hit Halls comes as a blank template, that being filled right from the registration, by loading data from your favorites from external sources. After Hit Hall is full, this notification-based app will send real-time notification updates from other online sources based on the user's Interests.

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My Galleries

My galleries are Favorites. These personalized galleries split into three, one for each of the halls My Movies, My TV shows and My Music.


I decided that Hit Halls will gather information from sources the user is already active in. These sources are already full of content and are constantly being updated.

Hit Halls gather "Favorites" from all of the user media worlds, organize them conveniently in those galleries and based on that send new recommendations.


Each Hit gallery is divided into three timelines - Coming soon, Available now and Seen & loved


I created a drawer for every profile, of every movie, TV show and music. By opening it, you'll see fixed icons with all the existing platforms in the market for that same hall, with a clear separation between what is available and what is not...

The drawer is divided into Online information - where to listen to the new album, where the film is screened, through what service to watch in the series And Offline information - where tickets can be ordered.

In Madonna's profile, the services available for that album are highlighted and linked directly to the source, to get to the app or site faster. Other services that are not available are gray as “Unclickable”. It's important for the user to also see the unavailable platforms, so he'll know he was spared from doing the direct check by himself.

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Profile Drawer

In all the interfaces I tested, I was missing the process after revealing the new information, which is also an active part of the user. 

Most of the interfaces in my research provide half the information...
The movie is about to hit the theaters, but where? And where do I order tickets from? A new season begins, but where is it available? And where do you order tickets for a performance?


This feature is limited for most users, that do not meet location conditions and can't enjoy such a privilege. This feature saves users from anything that forces them to make an active search, starting from the information search until they ordered tickets...
I think it's necessary to add this feature to Hit Halls and make it available for all.


Update Notifications

Hit Halls is a notification-based App and It will send notification updates regarding my Interests.

I want the user to get updates that come directly to him without doing a thing, so he'll stay passive and never have to chase this information again. Like you have your own personal assistant and researcher that never misses a thing.


Personal Assistant - For reminders from your gallery.
The movie you've been waiting for hits the theaters, the next episode airs tonight, the new album will be released next week...


Personal Researcher - For updates about any hot, popular and upcoming new content that is relevant to the user.
I want Hit Halls to know the user well enough right after the registration process to know what is relevant and what is not and save manual searches on multiple websites.


The idea is that you'll notice when:

  • Marvell reveals an upcoming movie.

  • This movie's main cast is finalized.

  • The first screening date is released.

  • The ticket sale starts with a buy ticket button. 


I researched what happens after people are exposed to the new hot information they wanted. The answer is, that most of the time they forgot... After chasing and obtaining the information, they were excited about a new season, but many did not remember the exact "when" or forgot in real time.


Following that, I decided to add a Reminder.

This feature works automatically, even ordering a series of episodes. The user can order and insert them into his private calendar and set the series reminder alarm for the time and date that fits his needs...


Every profile screen, of every movie, TV show and music, has one... Clicking on the icon, opens a screen where all the details are already filled in - Recurring reminders, for Jessica Jones, every Monday till the end of the season. Whatever you have left to do, it may be to set an alarm clock according to the time that suits you. Because if it starts at nine, you want it to be alerted an hour before, so it will give you time to get ready for the upcoming episode. The user can see a display of active reminders on the profile screen.


On an alert day, the alert view on the profile page displays a countdown.
The time has come and tonight another episode is coming up on air. On that day, I can see a countdown to the alert I set on myself at the right time. It also works in series alerts, displaying a countdown on every day that a new episode is on air.


All Media Content

Each source has its strengths and there is no collaboration between the different information sources.
My decision is that Hit Halls is supposed to work with other sources. So the user can fill this app by loading data from the external sources the user is already active on. These sources are already full of content and are constantly being updated. Gathering favorites from all the user accounts like "Netflix", "Amazon", "Spotify"…. Getting real-time updates from other online sources such as "IMDB", "Metacritic", "Official Chart"… Organizing conveniently all those data in this app and Sort to the desired location.
This decision is because I don't want the user to sit down and fill everything manually himself like "Hobi" app makes you do.


If the user adds something new from the original account, like a new TV show from "Netflix", Hit Halls automatically update and the new TV Show is added to his gallery.

The user can also add something new by a simple search.

Three Halls View

The big picture of the Hit Halls.

If the app builds from three halls, then this is the front door.


The app has a clear division into three halls. The idea was to produce three apps in one. But I wanted a neutral place, centering things I would like to see together from all three halls.


That's why I created a user's personal profile. Only accessible from the home screen, which will not interfere with the hierarchy.

On the screen I can see together in one place, all the tickets I purchased, whether it be for shows, cinema... all the reminders I ordered, all the news from the entire media world... all my galleries ...

It is also the screen where you'll find the settings and some personal information of the user.

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Milly's flow

Milly (41), Accountant, Lives in New-York Married to Anna + 2 kids

Milly’s hobby is watching TV Shows. In the evenings, when the kids are sleeping, Milly tries to have her moments of peace in front of the TV.

In the morning at the office, next to the coffee machine, Milly gets exposed to spoilers for Jessica Jones's new season, which she is waiting for, for quite a while. During lunch, she stays at her office to avoid talking or hearing about this hot topic and to get more spoilers. Apparently, the new season started 2 weeks ago and Milly was not updated.

Nowadays Milly has Hit Halls. When registering to the App, Milly connected all of her accounts (Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, IMDB..) so Hit Halls knows that Milly watched the first season of Jessica Jones on Netflix.

Monday 20:00, Milly gets a notification on her phone from Hit Halls regarding a new Jessica Jones that will start on July 14. Milly clicks on the locked screen notification:


Milly goes to Hit Halls notifications and clicks on the new Jessica Jones notification



Milly rechecks it is also updated on her series home screen



Jessica Jones profile shows that the new season will be broadcast on Netflix and Partner


Milly sets an alarm for a convenient time on that date



July 14, Milly gets notified for the upcoming time she sets.



Milly clicks the notification and goes directly to her Netflix account to start watching


Oren's flow

Oren (32), Startup entrepreneur, Lives in Herzeliya Newlywed to Yael

Oren and Yael both love music.

Oren loves to surprise Yael with tickets to great concerts. It is a routine ritual in Oren’s routine.

Recently Oren is busier than usual and he is no longer updated. A friend at the office told Oren that Madonna will have a concert in Israel, that is big news! Oren rushes to get tickets only to find out all tickets are sold out.

In a parallel universe, Oren downloads Hit Halls and connect all his active accounts, one of them being "Spotify". Now all of Oren’s music library is in Hit Halls music favorites and gets updates notifications. Now Oren can find out about Madonna’s concert in time.

One day Oren gets a notification from Hit Halls that Madonna will be performing in Israel in January and that he will be notified when ticket sales will start. That is pretty cool! Half a year later:


Hit Halls notifies of early ticket sales for Madonna’s concert in Israel



Oren goes to Ticketmaster directly from Hit Halls and gets 2 tickets for excellent seats



Madonna’s screen shows that the concert will be on January 2


The concert date and time are automatically entered into his personal and App calendar



And immediately pop-up show ticket sales are available NOW!



Oren rechecks that his order is on the music home screen


Now he can send Yael a link to the tickets or surprise her when she gets home

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Hall of Movies, TV Shows and Music

© Shelly Dalal 2019
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