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Tribe Hub

Full Family organization in a close circle



One person runs a complex life routine. The routine mostly includes work, family, studies, after-school classes, social life, etc. and there are even events and tasks that are not in the regular routine.
For organizations, life is usually run by calendars, apps, reminders, and alerts so you don't forget anything important.


But what happens if you have to care for the routine of more than one person, like children and other family members?


My final project was part of UX/UI Design studies (2019).

Tribe Hub Is my idea for one app for a full family organization in a closed circle.

Tribe Hub coordinates the life routine of several people in one place where there are communication and access for everyone.

Tribe Hub adopts the method that all tribe members collaborate and thus the tribe functions effectively and in a full family synergy.

The Problem


The circle is run by the tribe leader who opens the group. Family members coordinate all events, chores, and requests for family functioning in one app.

Assignments are divided between parents and children, depending on their age and abilities. The more children cooperate, the more they are rewarded accordingly.

The app encourages family synergy, where each member of the family has the option of taking a big or small part in the collaboration. In addition, it encourages children for mutual and family respect, independence, and taking responsibility for the unity of the tribe.

The Solution
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We're the Golan's


Every family member has permissions, obligations, and rights according to their age, that the tribe leader can define them as he or she sees fit. The app caters to and provides a solution for each family member.


Children of the tribe

Permissions according to age group

Children who have their own phones (unlike the little ones), have permission according to their age to help the family unit.


Children can put in requests for parents, take assignments, upload a school certificate that requires parents' signature, add groceries to the shopping list, etc.


The children have a vested interest in fulfilling the tasks that their parents send them and helping the family unit. The more they help, the more they are rewarded accordingly by earning in exchange for pocket money and "my time" (TV time, car time, etc.), which they see accumulate weekly on the dashboard according to the tribe's cooperation.

Head of Tribe - Group Managers (Parent/Parents)

Full permissions

The tribe calendar synchronizes with the tribe leader's personal external calendar (for example Google Calendar) in which he or she can see all of their appointments, along with the family agenda.

The head of the tribe has to approve tasks that require them, such as taking the child to kindergarten, to an after-school class, or to the doctor… for the parent who approves, the task will enter his tribe calendar and the task will receive a status that it is "in progress."

Parents can take care of the task themselves or pass it on to children with permission. If none of the children approve of the task, it will remain open and at risk for the attention of the parent. If approved, the task will start alerting the child and parent as the deadline approaches.


Hello, I'm Sharon :)

and this is my story

Check it out >>

HELLO, I'm Sharon

and this is my story


I'm Sharon Golan (38), a restaurant manager, lives in Herzliya, married to Yoav + three children

Monday morning, Yoav and I received the regular morning alert for the open (at-risk) tasks. I took it upon myself to collect the little one from kindergarten at 16:30 on my way home from work.

As soon as I got to my office, I received a calendar alert to confirm an urgent meeting at 16:15.

I also received an alert from TribeHub, about two plans that are conflicting at the same time!

So... I opened TribeHub:



Passed on the task to Ori and Yael, who are old enough to pick up the little one from kindergarten



I got notified that Ori took the mission (task)



As the time approaches, I was alerted that the task may be at risk



I opened TribeHub map to find Ori's location and already saw 20 min timer for a risk mission



I clicked Ori's icon on the map and saw him at his friend Daniel. Ori needed to be prepared for leave so the task will be performed



I could have re-sent an alert or even send a message, but at this point, I chose to call directly from the app




The app is notification-based and based on all members of the tribe, the app runs as a calendar, personal secretary, and security system.


  • Morning alerts for the tribe leader about unassigned open tasks. The tribe chief can take them upon himself or pass them on to one of the tribe's children according to their age.

  • Alerts when personal calendar plans conflicted with the tribe calendar.

  • Warning alerts to the tribe leader when a plan is about to "go wrong" with one of the tribe members.




The map is an online updated zone and is open to every tribe member.

  • Location of the tribe's children on a map at any given time

  • Calculate data that everyone is in the right location according to routine and calendar

  • Calculate a route to the next plan in the calendar and alert when it's time to go to the next destination

Tribe Bonfire Circle

Communication Zone

The open zone where every tribe member can act.

Tribe's Lists
Upload files by shared folders - documents, photos, grocery shopping list, mail packages

Group or personal chats between family members (just like Whatsapp)

Tribe dashboard

Next Week Counter
Online personal data on rewards (pocket money, TV screen time, etc.)

Personal Data
Online personal data and age permissions

My Time Settings
Data from the tribe chief's restrictions against the child's requests for matching expectations and communication between parents and children



Cooperation Statistic
Online data of each member of the tribe regarding collaboration and app usage

Sync with external apps

Group 6914@2x.png

Google Calendar

synchronization with an external personal calendar

Union 130@2x.png


Getting to the next destination with the help of a taxi

Union 102@2x.png


synchronization with an external social events

Union 135@2x.png
Component 144 – 2@2x.png


Car owners have a connection to the tribe calendar and locations on the family map. calculates an automatic route based on the next destination in the calendar

Union 142@2x.png


synchronization with apps and devices talking to each other based on triggers

Union 139@2x.png


Calculate the route to the next destination with the help of public transport

Component 148 – 1@2x.png

Israel Post

uploading everyone's package tracking numbers in one place, one member can pick up all of them


HEY! I'm Ori

and this is my story


Hey! I'm Ori :)

and this is my story

Check it out >>

I'm Ori Golan (17), the eldest son, a high schooler, lives in Herzliya, Son of Sharon and Yoav, brother of Yael and Emma

Wednesday 12th pm, I was in high school on my lunch break with my best friend Daniel.

I wanted to invite Daniel to play Sony PlayStation after school.

To do this, I entered TribeHub:


Get into my treasure throw my personal profile



Checked how much reward was left in my treasure and decided to take advantage of a whole bag of coins (an hour)



I Happily Filled in an hour game-time that started at 17:00



​Saw my treasure update



Made sure it was logged into my profile:

My Time - Gaming 17:00-18:00


Then the slot has been booked in advance, knowing that none of the family members can disturb.



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See you... :)

© Shelly Dalal 2019
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